Past Projects

Stephen Fixie

Road Legal Fixed Wheel Bike

I had my 1969 Bob Jackson Merlin frame re-instated to an original specification, which left me without a fixed wheel bike.I decided therefore to make …

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Lugged Single Chainring Winter / Light Touring Bike

I wanted lightweight bike with lower gears for cycling holidays and winter use. Rather than going for a mountain bike group set I thought I …

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Child’s First Pedal Bike

Having previously made a balance bike I now need to follow this up with a pedal bike. This has proved to be quite a challenge. …

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953 /Carbon Semi-Lugged Road Bike

I have previously built a Road bike using Reynolds 953 and Llewellyn lugs with a Dedacciai carbon fibre rear triangle. This was something of an …

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Lugged 953 Winter Road Bike

I decided I wanted to try another all stainless frame, this time in Reynolds 953 and return to a lugged design. I also plan to …

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Columbus XCR Audax Frame

This is to be my first use of the BikeCad program and also to incorporate a bike fit into the design, making it my first …

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Child’s Balance Bike

Customised frame parts courtesy of The Bicycle Academy. Wheels and saddle Strider Bikes Forks for 12in wheels. Only way I could think to do these …

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953 Road Bike with Carbon Fibre Rear Triangle

Compact Road Bike: Reynolds 953 oversize main tubes. Columbus XCR head tube. Llewellyn XL compact stainless lugs. Dedacciai firebox carbon fibre rear triangle with matching …

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Medium Weight Rohloff Tourer

Fillet brazed Reynolds 853. Columbus seat stays,Reynolds R fork blades. I admit I was inspired by the Thorn Mercury.

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20 inch wheel Frame for Loopwheels (Sturmey Archer 3 speed)

Columbus Zona frame and forks. My first fillet brazed frame. Custom mudguards  

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Internal Gear Cable Routing

There are many different methods of routing gear cables internally. Routing the cable initially into …

Ladies Winter Road Bike – A Step by Step Guide

Ladies road bike frames have their own unique problems, mainly because they are often smaller. …

A Bolt-On Top Tube

This is a frame alteration I could not have imagined needing to do, until back …