Bicycle frame building


New Framebuilders Resource Website

Eric Meinert of disc brake fixture fame ( has started a framebuilders resource website which has the largest number of frame building related links …

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David Mercer – Mercer Bikes, Cape Town, South Africa

I met David Mercer at the Bespoke Bike Show in London in April 2014. I was impressed with the bicycle he had brought to the …

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Welding and Brazing Equipment Suppliers

I have at sometime used the services of most of the suppliers listed below: Gas UK, Contract free gases and a range of welding supplies. …

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Bespoke Saddle Coverings

I have previously mentioned GRAFTON SADDLER in a review of a former Bespoke Bristol, in …


I copied this handlebar from Jon Thompson, who made some in this fashion for fixies …

Oxy-Propane Brazing Update 3

I use oxygen and propane for my brazing. I did not want the expense and …