Noviceframebuilder.co.uk is a website for bicycle framebuilders starting out in the United Kingdom. I have started it because I was unable to find a similar resource anywhere that provided relevant information all in one place for prospective bicycle framebuilders, who have probably been on a basic course to build a bike frame and then wish to carry on building more at home with the minimum expense. It does not attempt to instruct you in how to build a bicycle frame from scratch but hopefully will offer information you only realised you needed when you decided to do it yourself. Whilst input from professional framebuilders is more than welcome the site is really for those who will probably never build bicycle frames as a livelihood. 

The basis of the site reflects my own experiences and the things I did not learn on a course and had to find out for myself. Currently there are several frame building schools and courses in the UK to acquire the necessary basics and some now offering advanced and related subject tuition. Of course most of the site will be dedicated to building in steel which is both the most accessible material and many would say still the best, but there are undoubtedly homebuilders who build in aluminium, carbon fibre and maybe titanium. There is even a course to build your own Bamboo frame.

Any contributions to the site are welcome, be it comments or articles on your own techniques or experiences, or reviews of courses you have attended or books you have read.


If you can contribute with articles on aspects of framebuilding, techniques or reviews please consider submitting them for publication.



Headbadges are maybe old fashioned now but still liked by custom framebuilders. there are makers in the USA who produce them in silver at a price. I managed to find Geoff Moorhouse by word of mouth though he does have …

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My Route to Framebuilding

When I was a youngster in the late 60’s, early 70’s, every cyclist wanted a Reynolds 531 steel framed bike, preferably custom built by one of the well regarded framebuilders of which there were many. Locally we had Harry Hall …

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Drawing Frames by Hand

After completing an initial frame building course I did not really have much idea about how to design a frame and have muddled along by trial and error. What does become apparent is that conventional designs work which is why …

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Hot and Cold setting

The only adjustment needed on the first frame I built on my course was to adjust the chain stays for wheel twist before fitting the seat stays. This was achieved by clamping the bottom bracket in a vice and pulling …

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Brass, Silver and Flux

Thus far I have used the following filler rods and fluxes on my projects and suspect they are the most widely used: BRASS: SIF 101, relatively low melting point brass rods in variety of diameters, 1.5, 2, 2.5 and 3mm. For …

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Health and Safety

I seem to recall someone once telling me “Health and Safety is everyone’s problem, or should that be responsibility”. When we attend framebuilding and welding courses we take health and safety measures for granted. Personal Protective Equipment, known as PPE, …

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