Tube Mitering on a Lathe – Update 2

Tube mitering is a fundamental part of custom frame building and I am sure there is always a need to be able to produce good …

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T47 and associated matters

I was recently asked if I would be able to make a bike with an oversize bottom bracket and full internal cable routing, amongst other …

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Cubic Boron Nitride – Any Use to Framebuilders?

I have had some problems in releasing my home made seat tube heat sink from the seat tube after brazing, in as much as the …

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Framebuilder Tooling – Using a Milling Machine

A Milling Machine is usually the second major machine tool any aspiring metalworker will obtain, after a lathe. More correctly known as a vertical mill …

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Femi 782XL Metal Cutting Bandsaw – Review

I have wanted a bandsaw for some time but have been deterred by their size and weight in as much as one would have needed …

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Tube Bending and Panana Budget Tube Bender Review

Tube bending is something I avoid, however there are times when it is necessary. Some framebuilders do it as a feature of their work but …

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Disc Brake Fixtures on Kickstarter – UPDATE 2

Eric Meinert, from Canada, has just launched a Kickstarter project to fund his POST MOUNT disc brake fixture. Suitable for both frame and fork as …

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Some Small Lathe Projects

Since Jon Thompson’s post on introduction to a lathe I thought it worthwhile to share a few of the small bits I have produced since …

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Pro-Max 350w 6inch Bench Grinder – Review

I purchased this machine from Metal Polishing Supplies¬†after an online search. It is a “Budget” model in the world of Bench Grinders and bears a …

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Servicing a Model W Gas Fluxer

I have been running my Gas Fluxer now for 2 years before the gas pressure dropped right off and it looked like it would need …

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Bespoke Saddle Coverings

I have previously mentioned GRAFTON SADDLER in a review of a former Bespoke Bristol, in …


I copied this handlebar from Jon Thompson, who made some in this fashion for fixies …

Oxy-Propane Brazing Update 3

I use oxygen and propane for my brazing. I did not want the expense and …