Guest Articles


Oxy Acetylene – some observations from an amateur framebuilder

By Neill Hughes 1 – The projects: I’ve built a couple of steel bicycle frames using fillet brazing as the tube joining method. I use …

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Make Your Own Framebuilding Jig

By Jonathan Thompson My first experiences of frame building involved some sort of jig. This was some angle iron bolted to a sheet of MDF …

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Framebuilder Tooling – Using a Lathe

By Jonathan Thompson I have to confess to being a tool buyer. I’ve generally found the sooner you buy tooling the sooner it pays for …

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David Mercer – Mercer Bikes, Cape Town, South Africa

I met David Mercer at the Bespoke Bike Show in London in April 2014. I was impressed with the bicycle he had brought to the …

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Internal Gear Cable Routing

There are many different methods of routing gear cables internally. Routing the cable initially into …

Ladies Winter Road Bike – A Step by Step Guide

Ladies road bike frames have their own unique problems, mainly because they are often smaller. …

A Bolt-On Top Tube

This is a frame alteration I could not have imagined needing to do, until back …