I have previously mentioned GRAFTON SADDLER in a review of a former Bespoke Bristol, in fact this is where it first came to my attention. I thought it worth a further mention after my recent experience with ordering a re-cover of a saddle for my single chainring light touring bike. Despite having heard good reports, the Brooks C17 Cambium saddle I originally fitted did not suit me so I decided to revert to a Fizik aliante gamma. The available colours were so limited I ended up with a white one (albeit at a knockdown price), and decided to get a re-cover.
I initially fancied quilted design but Hannah at Grafton suggested stitching through the leather was not a good idea, as I had already suspected, so I sent her a picture of the bike and asked her to come up with something. You can see the result and I am quite happy with it, and what is more, it is really comfortable at last.
The design was intended to complement the shape of the pointed lugs and contains red and gold detailing to go with the colour scheme. Prices are approximately £180 to £220 depending on design, I suppose expensive but not unrealistic, so it would be a considered purchase. Inevitably mine was at the upper end of the price range!
One thing I should mention is that many of the designs emulate brogue shoes, and I was wary of asking for one like this in case it felt like sitting on one, but having now experienced one of the saddles the leather is so soft I am sure this would not be the case.

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