Predictably I went to the Bristol Bespoke show again this April to keep up to date with current ideas and trends. The photo above is of the displayed Craddock track bike and I want one of his road bikes. Richard Craddock is not the only bespoke carbon fibre builder but has been doing it in the UK the longest. He uses Carbon fibre tubes and cuts and mitres in the usual way then overlays the joints. His bikes used to have a lugged appearance but now due to popular demand he has smoothed out the joints by feathering the layers. You can get a truly made to measure bike with his method.
Reilly cycle works has been using Gilco tubing as used on Colnagos
Swallow seemed to have the same idea as me! (the bike that is) also separated stainless cable guides.


Baum, surely this is what we all aspire to build?
IMG_2592 IMG_2594
This really is custom building. Meteor Works rebuilt these Sturmey Archer hubs with modifications and copper plating. They also made most of the other parts including the mudguards from scratch.
IMG_2621 IMG_2622 IMG_2623 IMG_2624 IMG_2625 IMG_2626
Llewellyn is one of my frame building heroes. Darryl McCulloch was actually here from Australia. I didn’t get to speak to him but Mrs McCulloch was very nice and gave me some further tips into his outstanding stainless steel polishing.

Lugs and bi-laminates
IMG_2612IMG_2617 IMG_2619 IMG_2609 IMG_2544 IMG_2545 IMG_2558 IMG_2560
some with carbon fibre.

Bridges and twiddley bits
IMG_2575 IMG_2632 IMG_2610 IMG_2611
IMG_2589IMG_2570 IMG_2571IMG_2600 IMG_2601IMG_2596
I have to admit I still do not see the point of the extended seat post, I must be missing something.
IMG_2604 IMG_2603
Curtis BMX’s, you rarely see any competition.
Shand Cycles exhibited a Rohloff cross bike with SRAM force shifters and disc brakes. Apparently a modification can be made to the levers to ensure compatibility, details would be welcome!

Innovative, Brilliant or Wacky?
has designed a new way of propelling a bicycle with a direct drive through a modified rear Hub gear. The riding position is unconventional but I understand one can adapt to it quickly and efficiency may exceed a chain drive. Claimed to be brilliant for climbing hills. Watch the video:  IMG_2616

IMG_2614 IMG_2613
New frame builder ASKE offers this elevated chain stay cross bike. The point is it shortens the wheelbase but fortunately a front derailleur was not required!
another way of shortening the wheelbase looks suspiciously like the old flying gate design applied to a mountain bike.
IMG_2581 IMG_2582 IMG_2584IMG_2583 IMG_2585
Robin Mather’s variable geometry test bike caused much interest and rather knocked my variable trail frame (still not quite finished) into a cocked hat. It has a rotating ink drum that records various aspects of the bikes movement whilst having the ability to change its geometry. He hopes to investigate the ideal geometry. Good luck.

Frame building sundries
A new frame building school at Enigma Cycles was formally announced
A company called Miranda Pro displayed some 3D printed parts which they have produced in collaboration with Reynolds and Ted James. They refer to Metal parts but this means titanium, still they look nice.
Columbus fork data
I append this information because it shows the data for all the Columbus Carbon forks, a common choice for framebuilders. I often have been unable to get the fork crown length on all the forks from the published data online so here it is.
You can view much better pictures of many of the bikes here: 

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