April 29, 2014


20 inch wheel Frame for Loopwheels (Sturmey Archer 3 speed)

Columbus Zona frame and forks. My first fillet brazed frame. Custom mudguards  

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26 inch Lugged Shopping Bike Frame with Custom Rear Rack

Tubing Columbus Zona, Forks Reynolds R. Rack 10mm chromo plain gauge

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Health and Safety

I seem to recall someone once telling me “Health and Safety is everyone’s problem, or should that be responsibility”. When we attend framebuilding and welding …

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Lugged Winter Road Frame

Tubing Reynolds 853, Columbus/Dedacciai rear triangle.

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Brass, Silver and Flux

Thus far I have used the following filler rods and fluxes on my projects and suspect they are the most widely used: BRASS: SIF 101, relatively …

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Hot and Cold setting

The only adjustment needed on the first frame I built on my course was to adjust the chain stays for wheel twist before fitting the …

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Lugged Winter Road Frame

Tubing Reynolds 853, Columbus rear triangle.

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Drawing Frames by Hand

After completing an initial frame building course I did not really have much idea about how to design a frame and have muddled along by …

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26 inch Ladies Road Frame and Forks

My first home built frame apart from the forks which I built on a course. Tubing was a kit for newbie builders from Ceeway, I …

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Noviceframebuilder.co.uk is a website for bicycle framebuilders starting out in the United Kingdom. I have started it because I was unable to find a similar …

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Internal Cable Routing Updated

I have done this procedure several times on completed frames, but it is sensible to …

Road Legal Fixed Wheel Bike

I had my 1969 Bob Jackson Merlin frame re-instated to an original specification, which left …

Bespoke Saddle Coverings

I have previously mentioned GRAFTON SADDLER in a review of a former Bespoke Bristol, in …