Pro-Max 350w 6inch Bench Grinder –  Review

Pro-Max 350w 6inch Bench Grinder – Review

I purchased this machine from Metal Polishing Supplies¬†after an online search. It is a “Budget” model in the world of Bench Grinders and bears a remarkable resemblance to a lot of other own brand models suggesting they are likely to be made in the same Chinese factory. Credit to Metal Polishing Supplies, however, in as much as the company has produced it’s own product leaflet which is written in clear english. They also offer a 3 year warranty. My original motivation for the purchase was to complement my lathe as it is likely the sharpening of tools was going to be a must. The supplied grinding wheels, are the somewhat typical carborundum wheels always supplied as original equipment, though for lathe and precision tools I understand the white aluminium oxide wheels are better, and green silicon carbide wheels for sharpening tungsten carbide tools. I will probably be replacing them in due course. My machine is 6 inch diameter (200mm) and 350w though many other sizes are available. Probably buying the biggest you can afford or accommodate is good advice. I have realised that one of the things I now use it for is sharpening drills as previously I discarded them at a furious rate as they blunt very quickly especially on stainless steel and especially if drilling freehand.
The machine is relatively smooth and quiet. It is rated for DIY use in so much as the motor should only be run for 30 minutes followed by 30 minute rest. This can be a bit restrictive for polishing (see below). It can get quite hot during prolonged use in this case so I have diligently avoided exceeding the running times. It has a small led light attached which is on all the time and I don’t find necessary and indeed can get in the way when set up as a polishing machine.
For me I will probably use it most as a polishing machine. Metal Polishing Supplies sold me a kit for converting the grinder to a polisher and you can obtain all the component parts to convert any grinder to a polisher provided the arbors for the brushes fit. The company also has a useful video on their website on polishing and converting the machine, which does take a few minutes to remove all the guards but is not too onerous. They also sell a variety of smaller polishing mops which may be useful for detailing work and include an instruction leaflet on polishing different metals with their kits.
I mounted my grinder on a board so I can store it away and mount it in a vice so I can polish outdoors.
On balance it seems to be a good machine for the money, but may be at risk of overheating in prolonged use.

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