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Custom Framebuilders Association and Public Liability Insurance – UPDATED

Several informal meetings took place between Custom Frame Builders across the UK with a view to establishing an Association. At present there is no formal organisation established but an intention existed to make it such, primarily as a talking shop for exchange of information. Additionally it had been proposed to offer a EN/ISO test of frame integrity in conjunction with Reynolds. It had been mooted it may cost around £300 for 631 tube set and test and the frame could be lugged or fillet brazed or maybe Tig welded. Regarding entry to the Association, the only clear cut criteria which was been agreed by all the participants was Public Liability Insurance. The long term structure and function of such an organisation I am sure would evolve over the years but I would like to think there may be a place for Amateur and semi-Professional builders within it. Unfortunately I have heard nothing more about this subject for some time and am under the district impression it has stalled. From my own point of view I decided I would have to investigate Liability insurance as, even though I have never sold a frame for profit, it would be nice to have the cover and indeed even making frames for friends and family it is a sad fact of life that one would be wise to have some indemnity against frame failure leading to accidents etc. I have now updated my previous post on the subject to reflect new information.
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