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953 /Carbon Semi-Lugged Road Bike

I have previously built a Road bike using Reynolds 953 and Llewellyn lugs with a Dedacciai carbon fibre rear triangle. This was something of an experiment as, whilst it was a standard thing to do, I was unable to find any real information about how to go about it, especially in relation to the glueing process. I have now been riding the bike I built for two and a half years and have had no issues with it other than a minor problem I will mention later. Using the experience I now have I am going to build a similar frame. This will again use 953 oversize  main tubes (35.9,31.7,31.7) with stainless Llewellyn lugs. The rear triangle  is supplied with it’s own bottom bracket so this has to be fillet brazed in. Although the rear triangle is supposed to be a  Dedacciai Firebox as before, from Ceeway, it is a slightly different shape from the previous one and is marked “Black Box and Black Tail”.
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