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Framebuilding related Resources

Matt Wilkinson’s grant sponsored report on frame building in the USA 2011.

The Custom Bicycle. pdf download of 1979 book with chapters on framebuilders from around the world

Sheldon Brown’s technical information homepage, needs no introduction.

CTC, The Cycle Touring Club, now the National Cycling Charity – JOIN!

Bespoked (formerly Bespoke Bristol), the annual custom builders show.

Bikecad, the leading computer aided design software, based in Canada but downloaded worldwide. Limited online try out.

Useful Online Bicycle Trail Calculator

Pipe Layout Calculator. This is an app for iphone, ipad and ipod touch which, although designed for pipefitters, will produce fish-mouth templates suitable for mitring bicycle tubes.

Tubemiter for Mac. Free software download for producing mitre templates, only works on Apple macs. Basic program similar to tubemiter exe. Does not offer any centre line on the template.

Tubemiter exe. This program can still be found by searching the internet. Runs only on Windows but in my experience it will not run on any windows platform later than XP Detailed advice on choosing a lathe and other lathe related resources.

Towergate Insurance. Downs view House, 141-145 Station Road East, Oxted, Surrey RH8 0QE.
Tel: 0344 346 0409     Email:   At one time the only broker I have been able to find to offer Liability insurance to home custom framebuilders.

The Seatpost Man. John Lee (based in Chorley, Lancashire), can remove any seized seatpost from all frame types.
Tel: 07539474088