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A Guide to Brazing and Soldering

A Guide to Brazing and Soldering by Keith Hale, self published and available from CuP Alloys:
Last Weekend I visited the annual Midlands Model Engineering Exhibition in Warwickshire. Whilst having no ambition to build complex working models you have to admire them. My interest is in the fact that a lot of the engineering advice and guidance, and books I have used come through these hobbies and the number of tool suppliers that supply them. I managed to buy even more tools whilst I was there but the highlight was a lecture by Keith Hale who was introducing his new book. The subject “Everything You wanted to know about Silver Soldering but were afraid to ask.” The talk was excellent and having purchased the book at the show at a discount price, I can now confirm the book, which expands on his talk, is excellent too and I can thoroughly recommend it to frame builders. Whilst concentrating on Silver Soldering, which is in any case of great interest to me, it also covers the use of brass and other metals. For me it answers many questions, explained some things and gave me ideas as to how I can significantly improve my practice. The information is presented in a non-technical way and very logical order.
CuP Alloys, originally founded by Keith, supplies mainly silver solder and will do so in small quantities. They have solders equivalent to Sif products, my previous choice, and at competitive prices but they do not sell any lower melting point bronze rods to compare with Sif 101, or any Silver Solders that have the properties of Cycle Design Fillet Pro. Still I would definitely visit their website and buy this book which retails at £17-50.

Stephen Hilton 23/10/17