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Oxy Acetylene – some observations from an amateur framebuilder

By Neill Hughes

1 – The projects:
I’ve built a couple of steel bicycle frames using fillet brazing as the tube joining method. I use standard copper based brazing rods and ‘Cycle design’ low fuming bronze flux for the main tube fillet joining and steel to steel lug brazing. All the braze-ons and dropouts were stainless steel in my projects. I used ‘tool-tip/stainless steel’ braze rod, and ‘Sifbronze tool-tip/stainless steel’ flux, for joining the dropouts. For the smaller, more delicate braze-on parts, such as bottle cage bosses and cable stops, I used a higher silver content brazing alloy, ‘Brazetec 5507’, with the ‘Brazetec D21’ flux.

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