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Where do I Obtain  Bicycle Framebuilding Parts?

Where do I Obtain Bicycle Framebuilding Parts?

This is a question I am often asked. Anyone who has already built a frame outside a course will already know the answer, but it is something prospective builders may be interested in. The information is already provided in the Links page of this website but the following may clarify the options. There may be sources of cycle tubing and parts I am unaware of so I would always be grateful for further information about any other sources. I am not including suppliers in the USA with one exception. The added cost of importation to my mind is not worth it as most of the parts are available from the UK and Europe, though of course with us leaving the European Union in the near future, this balance may change.

Ceeway in Erith, Kent, run by Peter Evans, is the main source of framebuilding supplies in the UK, being virtually a one stop shop.
They supply a large range of dropouts, braze-ons, bridges and bosses as well as lugs fork crowns and bottom brackets. Some of the lug sets are from Long Shen as otherwise you would have to order them from Taiwan, though the lugs do not always have their origin specifically identified on the website. Additionally they stock brazing sundries and will sell brass and silver rods in small quantities as well as a large range of frame building tools. They are constantly adding new items whilst maintaining a range of classic frame parts. Columbus carbon forks and sometimes other carbon sections are also available and these are available un-laquered at a saving over normal retail prices.
They are the main stockist of Columbus tubing and also stock a lot of older lines and obsolete tubes.
Fork blades are from both Reynolds and Columbus though you cannot buy Reynolds frame tubes from them except perhaps some non-current ones. They do however, offer Reynolds 953 stainless fork blades.
Ceeway are strictly mail order. Ordering is by email and as no prices are listed on the website you will receive a return invoice of cost and payment link which you can then pay if you accept the invoice.
There is a minimum order value of £12 (£10+vat). Delivery is pretty swift once the order is confirmed.
Website:      email:

Reynolds sell their frame tubes direct. You have to contact them initially and they may ask you your frame building experience, though I don’t know if they ever refuse to sell to anyone. They will then forward a tube specification and price list. Most of the commonly used tubes are in stock but they have many more that can be ordered. Reynolds 953 stainless tube is often in short supply despite being a stock item. Reynolds 531 is still available only as a main triangle for lugged frames. You can then order by email and when the order is ready to despatch they will contact you for payment which can be by various methods but I use a bank transfer. Delivery after that is very rapid. They do also supply a range of dropouts, bottom brackets, steerers and lugs etc. There is a minimum order value of £150.
Website:     email:

Based in Leighton Buzzard, Bear Frame Supplies morphed out of Bear Bikes and specialises in CNC machined dropouts, also making flat mount disc tabs and through axles. They will also make custom designs if you feel the need. There is a simple online shop for their stock items.

Paragon is based in Richmond, California, and is worth a mention as it sells an extensive range of dropouts and other, often unique, frame building parts. Some of it’s products are now available from Ceeway. The parts, I think, are expensive, possibly because of the value of the dollar, but ordering is simple enough. I once ordered some rear dropouts online with no difficulty.

Though only formed in 1992, Dedacciai is another Italian (as well as Columbus) company manufacturing a smaller range of steel tubing, though they also make titanium, aluminium and carbon tubes for the frame builder. Their steel tube range can be viewed at:
It is possible to order direct and there is minimum order value of 250 Euros (which is £223 at the time I am writing this). Lesser value orders I think are subject to a surcharge of 12.50 Euros (£11). They also of course do a range of carbon forks which can again be obtained un-laquered at a saving. Forks and other frame components can be found on their website:
Ceeway also stock some of their tubing

I could supply their 2017 price lists and an order form on request.

I have no personal knowledge, as yet, of this manufacturer of handmade carbon fibre tubing but his products have been used by some custom builders, noteably Matt McDonough of Talbot Frameworks (; who has incorporated some of the tubes into steel designs which seems to be currently in vogue, especially with seat tubes. Whilst Dedacciai do sell carbon fibre tubes, they seem to be all quite large diameters intended for making full carbon frames. Crossman however supplies narrower tubing more suitable to using in steel lugged designs. He is based in the Ukraine but says he will supply worldwide.

Our old friend EBay is of course a source, particularly of vintage tubes and lug sets. I have to say I have not been impressed with what I have seen for sale nor the price, however provide you are happy with the provenance of that which is offered, you may be lucky.
You occasionally see mainstream retailers offering frame parts. St John Street Cycles currently offers own brand Thorn Rohloff dropouts.
Brick lane bikes offers vintage Zeus rear track dropouts should anyone be interested.