Lugged 953 Winter Road Bike

I decided I wanted to try another all stainless frame, this time in Reynolds 953 and return to a lugged design. I also plan to try and mirror polish the whole frame then perhaps decide on some additional graphics to complement it. As in the past I wanted to build with oversize (XL) tubes, partly because I already had the tube set and partly so I could again use the Llewellyn XL lugs with a sloping top tube design. There are several problems inherent in this plan which will have to be overcome. The 953 seat tube tapers to 29mm at the top from 31.75 to accommodate a 27.2 seat post. This means it will be too loose in the Seat lug. On my last similar build when I realised this I simply turned the seat tube upside down and used a shim for the seat post, but this time I shall probably fillet braze  the top tube to the seat post (In fact the whole frame will be silver soldered). Only one stainless oversize lugged bottom bracket with oval chain stay ports for greater tyre clearance is available from Ceeway and the 953 chain stays are a poor fit as they have a pointed profile at the bottom bracket end, so I will have to use XCR chain stays which should be a better fit. Also an XCR head tube as the 953 head tube is too wide to fit the head lugs and also too short for my selected head tube length. Continue reading